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Hey! 👋

I'm Cenk, a game programmer from Berlin, and have previously worked as a web developer for pitcom.

I graduated from Games Academy in 2021, where I've worked on various games as part of the student team Brunchtime. Since then, I am part of Paintbucket Games.

Feel free to contact me at

About Dream of Harmony

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  • Release Date:
  • Description: A multitasking arcade platformer in the mind of a young girl trying to escape her nightmares.
  • Team: Brunchtime Studio (Student Project)
  • Role: Programmer
  • Status: Released
  • Link: Dream of Harmony on Itch
  • Link: Dream of Harmony on Google Play


  • Planning and setting up the technical project infrastructure
  • Definition of programming/technical guidelines
  • Implementation of the core gameplay loop
  • Controller Input
  • Android Port with Touch Input